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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Stakeholder?
A stakeholder is any person or entity with shares in your company, or anyone with whom you would like to share documents, KPIs, financials and more through WE.VESTR. A stakeholder could be an investor, a co-founder or lender. It could also be an employee, an advisor, or a lawyer.
What happens after my free trial?
You'll be given the option to proceed with a paid plan and we will kickoff your onboarding!
What happens if I cancel my plan?
Monthly subscribers can cancel month-to-month. Annual contracts are not available for refunds.
Can I change my plan between Monthly and Annual?
Monthly subscribers can upgrade to Annual. Annual subscribers cannot switch to Monthly until their Annual contract is complete.
What else is there to know?
The meaning of life, but that's post-MVP.


Managing equity, shareholders, financials and KPIs should be easy. As a group of entrepreneurs, we know that isn't always the case. That’s where WE.VESTR comes in.

Cap Table Set Up

Set up your initial shares and record historical rounds without the need of a formal valuation.

2FA Authentication

Important company information requires strong security and strict compliance.

Loans & Convertibles

Track all company loans and convertibles, and seamlessly integrate convertibles into your cap table.

Shareholder MGMT

Manage access for each shareholder and control all shareholder rights.

Data Import

Easily import revenue, costs, P&L, and Cash Flow statements with the click of a button.

Document Alerts

Set reminders and schedule updates for company or personal documents.

Equity Multipliers

Reward shareholders based on self-determined multipliers for each phase of growth.

Equity Without a Notary

Investors and employees and can be brought into a cap table without a notary.

ESOP Management

Integrate options with your cap table and deliver transparency to employee shareholders.

Scenario Modeling

Project future scenarios to prepare for fundraising or cap table shifts.

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