The Dashboard that puts you at ease.

Manage your cap table, legal documents, financials, KPIs, and reporting at the click of a button.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Redefined Equity Framework.

Next to our Dashboard, we offer companies the Framework that redefines equity management without the need of a notary. ESOPs included.

Simplify your equity. Amplify your business.

We’re a team of entrepreneurs who have experienced the challenges of growing a business while trying to manage shareholders and piles of paperwork. Managing equity, financials and KPIs should be easy. That’s why we built WE.VESTR.

Less hassle. Just business.

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Digital Exchange

Unfortunately, there is no digital infrastructure in Europe. The investment process is typically very extensive and bureaucratic. A lot of complexity has been created with various excessive legal & tax procedures with the sad result that a lot of money is stuck in Europe which currently does not flow to ventures who need it. As Europe we need to fix this in order to stay competitive!

That is why we are building a digital exchange on which shares can be easily traded among all shareholders.

  • No more complexity. Intervention of notaries and lawyers in the event of a share transfer not necessary. Everything clear in an interactive, live cap table.
  • Efficient and low cost shareholder management. No more high notary fees for transactions of shares
  • Enable cross-border investments.

It’s our mission to create one single digital capital market for startups and to have solved the problem of complexity that comes with different legal frameworks in every EU country.

Shareholder management

We experienced ourselves that shareholder management is a time-consuming and unnecessary expensive activity. Founders are generally too busy with this and are therefore less focused on the actual business.

In addition, it costs a lot of money as it involves all kinds of intermediaries who make an investment process, legal matters and financial administration unnecessarily complex.

Our solutions:

1. We eliminate complexity and restore balance by digitizing the investment supply chain. We digitize your venture assets, cap tables, legal agreements, KPI reporting, finance & administrations.
2. We reduce costs. Less intermediaries and other overhead expenses are needed.
3. We accelerate the business development by restructuring your shareholder management in a clear, transparent environment.

The Startup Coop

We have decided to embrace a total new way of setting up a company and have created the Startup Coop based on a cooperative legal framework. A cooperative is a very old legal structure and many large companies in Europe have been set up this way. Companies like Rabobank (€ 12.1 BLN) and Flora Holland (€ 4.7 BLN) are famous examples of it.

The principles of the Startup Coop are based upon a book from Mike Moyer, called SlicingPie. It is our believe that if you setup your company in this way, the chances of success will increase since the entire supply chain of a startup will be aligned from the start. Crossing the valley of death together but also sharing the upside of the venture. If needed, you can always turn the framework into a regular BV or NV when the turmoil has ended. 

What is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a legal entity type that is very much comparable to the limited liable company. It can have assets, employees, make debts, go bankrupt and is also subject to the same tax laws, such as VAT, Company tax and Dividend tax.

However, it is an even more flexible form than the limited liable company and allows you to easily trade shares without the intervention of a notary. We consider it to be the EU equivalent of the Delaware LLC.  90% of the US startups use this entity type.

Why The Startup Coop?

  • Because you want to share ownership with your employees. Sweat equity is easy to reward and it is also fiscally attractive. All shareholder will not pay any taxes for their ownership of shares until they liquidate (some of) their shares. More fiscally attractive and clear.
  • Because you want a flexible entity where you determine the rules of the game yourself. Set up deals in a flexible way and issue all kind of shares that fit the situation or phase. Such as preference shares.
  • Because you don’t want to pay redundant notary fees and spend unnecessary time on every share transaction that takes place.
  Limited Liability Company (B.V. e.g.) Cooperation
Voting rights Yes Yes
profit entitlement Yes Yes
Personal Liability No No
Corporate income tax Yes Yes
Taxation – Dividend Payment Yes No
participation exemption <5% No. If participated via a legal entity. Yes, if participated via a legal entity.
Sell/ Purchase By private agreement. Only possible via notary. By private agreement. No notary needed.
New Issue Proprietary Rights Via board decision and notarial deed. Via board decision. No notary needed.
Flexible valuation of sweat equity No Yes