About us

Building a startup not only needs to be fast and focused, it's also a team sport. Whether a brainstorm-turned-opportunity or a coffee meeting-turned-pitch meeting, founders and investors need to stay nimble while gaining traction with external *and* internal stakeholders.

That's why we built WE.VESTR

WE.VESTR is the equity management platform built for founders, by founders. We’re a group of entrepreneurs who saw a problem in how founders manage their shareholders and build their companies in multiple softwares. It wastes time, creates misalignment between stakeholders and misses opportunities to include employees in the company’s growth journey.

With WE.VESTR, founders can manage the company cap table, shareholders, ESOPs, financials, KPIs, and legal documents — all in one place. By simplifying and unifying equity management, WE.VESTR saves founders and investors time, creates transparency among shareholders and generates financial inclusivity for employees.

Our Team


Alex Tachko

Full-stack Developer

Alexey Yevdokymov

Alexey Yevdokymov

QA Engineer


Ben Reisler

Head of Communications & Customer Success


Benjamin Roeloffs Valk

Head of Product


Diana Nasyrova

Frontend Developer


Dylan O'Gorman

Business Development Manager


Floris van Hoogenhuyze

CEO & Co-Founder


Folkert Brokking

Digital Designer


Gleb Shidkov

Senior Frontend Developer


Kirill Scherbenok

Full-stack Developer



Head of Sales - London


Maarten Graven

CCO & Co-Founder


Martijn van Rooijen

Business Development Manager


Paula Perkusic

Compliance Officer

Solomiia Shkoropad

Solomiia Shkoropad

Digital Designer


Tikhon Scherbakov

Head of Engineering

Our Advisors

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen

Dagmar van Ravenswaay Claasen

Venture Partner Borski Fund and ex Adyen

Andy Shannon

Andy Shannon

ex Partner & Head of Global at Startup Bootcamp

Apoorva Ruparel

Apoorva Ruparel

Serial Entrepreneur and mentor at 500 Global

Our Partners

WE.VESTR in the News


Silicon Canals

"Amsterdam-based WE.VESTR, a company that claims to save founders’ time and money through an all-in-one equity management platform, announced on Monday that it has raised €2.2M in a fresh round of funding.

WE.VESTR says it will use the proceeds to develop solutions for more shareholder transparency and to improve financial inclusivity from startup incorporation to exit. WE.VESTR will also use the capital to expand in Europe and enter the Middle East and APAC regions."

Silicon Canals

"Venturebuilder Venturerock is investing 2.2 million euros in WE.VESTR, the startup that wants to make managing the shareholders easier. WE.VESTR was founded by Barqo founder Floris van Hoogenhuyze.

It is no coincidence that Venturerock is investing, since managing partner Marc Wesselink was already in talks with Van Hoogenhuyze two years ago. The financing will be used, among other things, for further growth in Europe and the Middle East, as well as entering the Asian market."


Silicon Canals

"Being an entrepreneur has its perks – making your own decisions, flexibility for maintaining a work-life balance and above all, personal satisfaction for driving change. However, all that glitters is not gold. Entrepreneurship is not without its challenges as massive amounts of paperwork and time spent managing milestones, investors and funding, and a multitude of other things can take its toll. Heavy lies the crown.

In comes Amsterdam-based WE.VESTR, a platform for equity management dedicated to save founders’ time and money and help them invest in growing their startups. The company announced the launch of its platform today, with the vision to make entrepreneurship easy in practice as well."

Silicon Canals

WE.VESTR founder Floris van Hoogenhuyze wants to make cap table spreadsheets obsolete.

"If you bring a new investor on board, then the song 'Mo Money, Mo Problems' is also suitable – in addition to congratulations . Because managing shareholders can become such a time-consuming task that you hardly get to do real business anymore."


WE.VESTR CEO Floris van Hoogenhuyze sat down with Leapfunder to talk about his tips for entrepreneurs, including approaches for gaining traction, insight gathering and persistency.

"We like to say that WE.VESTR is where entrepreneurs manage their equity. Our mission is to make the equity investment process easier for both founders and investors. To do this, we’re digitizing cap tables, streamlining shareholder management, simplifying portfolio management as well as making employee option plans easy to manage for both founders and employees."

Innovation Origins

"Perhaps one of the biggest frustrations of start-up founders: the paperwork and all the time involved in managing cash flows and funding. The company WE.VESTR wants to solve that problem with a platform for this equity management . This saves founders time and money, which they can invest in the growth of their start-up, according to the company in a press release. The platform launched today also wants to make it easier to give shares to founders, investors and employees.

WE.VESTR wants to make it easier for founders and investors to manage information about share allocations, legal documents and KPIs. WE.VESTR is an initiative of Floris van Hoogenhuyze (founder of Barqo), Maarten Graven (previously founder of Flamyngo, CityShare and First Check) and investor Venturerock."

Startup Reporter

"It is probably one of the greatest frustrations for any startup founder: all the paperwork and time spent managing milestones, shareholders and funding. WE.VESTR wants to solve that problem with its platform for equity management. The goal is to save the founder’s time and money, which they can invest in growing in their startups instead. The platform, which launches today, will also simplify the process of issuing shares to founders, investors and employees."

Authority Magazine

"There is a pretty good chance that the majority of your stakeholders have never been given the opportunities that you’re giving them. Don’t forget to encourage them to ask questions and to actively educate them on the meaning of every opportunity. Part of financial inclusivity is knowledge sharing."