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to manage your Cap Table Shareholders ESOP Portfolio Fundraising.

Save time, create transparency, and generate financial inclusivity by managing your shareholders, employees and portfolio in one platform.

WE.VESTR - Dashboard

Hyper-growth companies using WE.VESTR

Equity Management. Simplified.

Save Time

Manage your cap table, shareholders, company financials, KPIs, legal documents, and equity plans in a single platform.

Create Transparency

Keep investors and ESOP participants aligned with secure and transparent ESOP, Cap Table, Financial & KPI reporting tools.

Generate Financial Inclusivity

Gain complete buy-in from your shareholders by including investors, employees and partners in your company’s cap table.

Save Time

Review and understand your portfolio's cap tables, financials, KPIs, and equity plans - all in one place.

Create Transparency

Benefit from transparent reporting and consistent communications with your portfolio ventures.

Generate Financial Inclusivity

Empower ventures to include employees and partners in their cap table to build collective buy-in and to balance future dilution.

Hear from our Customers

We chose to work with WE.VESTR because they make things easy and save us loads of time. With WE.VESTR, we’re able to provide our shareholders with real-time information on our company progress and financials.

Derk van Haastert - OOPKOP
Derk van HaastertFounder of OOPKOP

WE.VESTR is a brilliant way to manage your equity matters. WE.VESTR gives shareholders the tools and insights they need at all times, and also keeps our employees engaged via the ESOP feature.

Bram Medema - HirePort
Bram MedemaCo-CEO of HirePort

WE.VESTR provides a clear dashboard overview of our company's cap table and other key metrics, making everything easy to manage and share with external shareholders. It's a no brainer for our company.

Pascal Verloop - UNL
Pascal VerloopCPO of UNL

WE.VESTR is the single source of truth for updating my shareholders. Now, I can focus on other needs of my company and know that everyone is aligned.

Wouter van den Brink - YourDesq
Wouter van den BrinkCEO and Co-Founder of YourDesq

WE.VESTR and the Slicing Pie made our equity structure clear and simple from Day 1. It also makes keeping shareholders updated simple and fast.

Timothée Adrien - Equilibrium Network
Timothée AdrienPartner at Equilibrium Network

WE.VESTR helps provide transparency for employee shares, which was especially useful with a remote workforce. I'm excited to check out their ESOP feature as well!

Jean-Michel Azzopardi - INFRINITY
Jean-Michel AzzopardiCCO & Co-Founder at INFRINITY

We use the Slicing Pie feature to keep track of monthly contributions for future equity in our company. Now we have a clear picture of which of our early stakeholders are becoming shareholders, which makes approaching fundraising in the future much clearer.

Adriaan Brouwer - Fairnance
Adriaan BrouwerCo-Founder of Fairnance

We are a young startup, so setting up and projecting our cap table was always pushed forward. However, WE.VESTR makes it so incredibly simple, that it’s fixed within an hour!

Gijs de Mol - Root Sustainability
Gijs de MolCo-Founder of Root Sustainability

WE.VESTR really allowed us to go beyond our traditional cap table modelling, whilst simultaneously involving our stakeholders in the thought process.

Ruben Verplancke - Sealution
Ruben VerplanckeCFO & Co-Founder of Sealution

Security is our Priority

The security of your data and your privacy are our top priority. We’ve taken multiple technical and organizational measures to ensure the data security, privacy, and compliance of the WE.VESTR platform.

ISO 27001 Certified
Code Injection Safe
Encrypted Databases
Two-Factor Authentication
Encrypted Protocol (HTTPS)